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One day, one forgets everything else

On wheels against bullying

We give children and young people a day where everything else is a bit forgotten, a day where you are put 100% focused on, a day where no one makes fun of how you look, what you wear, how you talk, how you separate you out.

A day where everything else that might hurt is forgotten.

in a safe environment with experienced drivers who are family fathers themselves, we take your child on a day that will not be forgotten.

The day starts as we arrange, the child is picked up at their home, school or similar
We take a trip, short or long. Maybe we stop taking an ice cream (or two). Visiting Stian who has his own RC track, takes a trip to a visitor farm, the royal park, cinema, bowling .. yes most things are possible.

We take some pictures, children are always kept anonymous, pictures that can be sent to them after the trip.


How long? an hour, two, three? chance all day
we agree on this.


Their children are treated like our own children

This costs nothing, neither for children nor parents.

Our payment is a thank you, a smile, a tear.

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